Strategic Collaborations

China National Health Association
Dr. JiaSui Liu
Director of China Cancer Screening Program
Medical Director of China National Health Association


Wortham Laboratories Inc. Beijing
CAPF – Wortham Medical Innovation Center
Henry Kong
Professor & Co – Director


University of Victoria

Dr. Reuven Gordon
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Fraser Hof
Canadian Research Chair in Supramolecular and Medicinal Chemistry

University of British Columbia

Vesna Sossi, Professor Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Senior Scholar
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, UBC

Urs Hafeli
Department of Chemistry

Saint Boniface General Hospital Research Centre (SBRC)

Signed service contract since 2009.
Saint Boniface has completed re-trial in April 2012 and successfully submitted CTA application in June which was approved in July 2012.

SBRC collaborates with BioMark, outsourcing pK studies and phase III clinical trials. SBRC is also providing strategic regulatory support for future submissions to Health Canada and FDA. Saint Boniface Research Centre will:
• Conduct retrials involving ERB and Health Canada approved protocol. The trial has been completed in March 2012. Data analysis will commence after samples are analyzed.
• Review internal standards (LCMS) against monoclonal antibody.
• Submit results of study to Health Canada.
• Review new screening assays and recommend application for submission to Health Canada.

University of Manitoba


Manitoba Tumour Bank


UBC Biomedical Research Centre

Dr. John Schrader
Canada Research Chair in Immunology

Biopharmaceutical Research Inc. (BRI)

BRI Research provides analytic and method validation services to BioMark Technologies.


National Research Council Canada – IRAP

Using BioMark’s robust technology, NRC is funding elements of BioMark’s discovery and commercialization efforts in developing its diagnostic platform.


New Collaborations Underway

Several discussions and meeting are in progress with local and international companies to develop further opportunities for product evolution and increasing market potential so that we can bring new and exciting technologies to the market for the improvement of human health

New 2014 collaborations will include National Cancer Institute in Bangladesh and potentially Rwanda Military.

Phase III clinical trial protocol related to response to treatment for Lung cancer has been completed by Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk of CancerCare Manitoba and Dr. Daniel.


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