Who is BioMark

BioMark is an oncology focused company with advanced stage diagnostic technologies and promising anti-body based cancer treatment pipeline.

The diagnostic technology was initially licensed from the University of Manitoba in Canada.

Key Team Profile


Dr. Daniel S. Sitar – Principal Scientific Advisor/Consultant
Dr. Samudra Dissanyake – Scientific Advisor business development
Dr. Huang – Johns Hopkins – Cell Biology expert
Dr. John Schrader – Antibody development – Chair of Biomedical
Research Centre at University of British Columbia
Dr. Keith Ly – Clinical Advisor – Seattle Washington
Dr. Horacio Bach – Antibody Engineering UBC


Dr. Bram Ramjiawan from Saint Boniface Research Centre


Dr. Reuven Gordon and Dr. Fraser Hof Canadian Research Chairs, Uvic
Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk University of Manitoba and Manitoba CancerCare
Dr. V. Sossi and Dr. Hafeli – UBC and Triumpf


Rashid Ahmed – Founder, CEO
B. Cheng – CTO
Gina Huang – Project Manager


Ms. Li Yan

BioMark Technologies Summary


Vision and Translational Focus

Our mission is to introduce innovative technologies and products to increase prediction and accuracy in diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of cancer.


BioMark’s technology portfolio for oncology comprises three areas:  1) diagnosis, 2) response to treatment / prognosis, and 3) drug therapy.


The metabolomics-based diagnostic assay allows early cancer detection.  The assay consists of screening for the acetylated form of a drug (Amantadine) given to patients prior to measurement via LC MS in body fluids.  This acetylation is performed by the enzyme, Spermine/Spermidine N-Acetyl Transferase (SSAT).  It has been documented that elevated levels of SSAT are observed in certain cancers including prostate, breast, prostate, and colon.  Clinical trials on both cancer and healthy subjects provided proof of principle.  In addition, analysis of SSAT mRNA levels in tissue samples allows determination of cancer type.

Status of Development

• Completed phase IIb and control studies (indicated above) in Manitoba
• Completed pK and control / mini cancer test on human patients in China
• Phase III (diagnostics) approval granted by Health Canada:  July 2012 – 120 patient study.  This study has also been approved by the University of Manitoba ERB.  Study focus is on breast, prostate, lung, GI, and melanoma.  Clinical trial centers include CancerCare Manitoba, SBRC, and BC Cancer Agency

Product Forms

• Hospital / commercial laboratory-based testing via internally developed Standard LC MS – ITA submitted
• POC, IVD – rapid diagnostic kit in development.  Antibodies have been generated to be used in the kits
• New IR-based detection currently under development.  This method allows metabolite detection method using a patented spectrometry technology.

Benefits / Value of Technology

• Cost effective
• Accurate
• Reproducible
• Sensitive
• Non-invasive
• Reduces false positives and other mistakes in diagnosis as well as providing confirmation


R E S P O N S E  T O  T R E A T M E N T / P R O G N O S I S

BioMark’s detection technology can be used to measure response to treatment.  This consists of monitoring the level of metabolite pre- and post-treatment.  A protocol for this application has been completed and presented to BC Cancer Agency to test patient reaction to different treatment options.  The initial focus is on lung cancer.

Benefits / Value of Technology

• Real time monitoring and detecting early response to treatment – allows for potential under treatment with chemotherapeutic agents, thereby increasing quality of life.
• Cost effective
• Simple to use
• Reliable
• Non-invasive
• Reproducible
• Sensitive


C A N C E R  T H E R A P E U T I C S

BioMark drug therapies include antibody-based drugs and novel compounds

Status of Development

• Antibody Based Drugs:  Development of new antibody based therapeutics for cancer treatment has been completed on 3 human cancer cell lines.  These include Lung, Breast and Prostate, and a control. BioMark’s antibodies exhibited similar or better anticancer efficacy while demonstrating significantly lower toxicity within the therapeutic range as compared to existing antibody-based cancer therapeutics currently on the market.

BioMark is seeking to conduct toxicology and relevant studies and will apply for phase 1 human study pending the outcome of the results. This discovery would enable BioMark to attain first in class discovery status. Patents have been filed for this discovery.

• Novel compounds:  Preclinical tests have been completed in human tumour cell lines and primary tumour cultures. Patents have been filed on the substrates for anti tumour properties.

New imaging applications using isotopically labelled antibody generated by BioMark for internal organ cancer imaging application is being tested at UBC and Triumpf.  BioMark hopes to complete the proof of concept shortly.

Benefits / Value of Technology

• Higher survival rate
• Low cost
• Low drug-drug interactions
• Low toxicity concerns


BioMark Technologies Summary

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